27 April 2011

What Have WE Learn In Electronic Advertising AlongThis Semester

By: Lee Yuh Wen (197078) 

Electronic advertising is my marketing course elective program.
I choose this program because i heard from my friend it is a very interesting paper..
And after i take it, i feel that what my friend say is true. this paper give me a very good lesson and experience like the things that need in a advertisement and different type of advertisement and more special is  the task Puan Nurin give like blog and the group project..
This is my first time  i touch and create a blog and design the background, i feel it is very fun and it give me a chance to increase my creativity..
Besides that, i can also design the blog with my own taste..
And another great experience is about the group project that is about one advertising agency..
When i first heard this task, i feel very excited to begin this task.it is because i feel this task like the tv show i love to watch that is The Apprentice..
The task just like this tv show where leader and the team member must have a good communication ,have a common objective and the same goal , if not there will be a gap between them ,different concept and that will be a failure to do a  task ...by doing this task i learn a lot of things..
So, i glad to be a team member in my group project...for me, it is a great experience to be in this class...

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