10 March 2011

The Important Thing in My Life^^

by : chan choi ei

i believe that every people also have their most important thing in life...without exception, me too...well, the most important thing in my life is watch..watch is an important accessories for me because it review time..Time is precious to lose, thus, no matter where i go, i will wear my watch.. i am a very punctual people...punctuality is my philosophy in life. That is a good personality so that people will have good impression on you. I love my watch because that is my 21st birthday present given by my mum...i will always take care of it.

The Thing I Use Every Day
by : lee yuh wen

this is mechanical pencil that i used it for many year until now..it got a lot of memory...i remenber it is an encouragement from my primary school headmasters when first time i got first place for the result of final year among the class in school,i so happy with that..after that day, i used it;sometimes i use it to write my diary;sometimes when i free,i used it to draw;besides that i used it at my all exam until now..last year,after back from discussion and class,i think i lost it and cant find it already....but later my friend tell that the second day they found it at the corridor and they remenber it is mine one so they keep it first and the next day give me back..and i got it back again.. i will use it until it cant function anymore..