29 April 2011

My Electronic Advertising class in this sem....

Well, i like this subject very much..when i come to the end of this class, only i realize the relation between marketing and communications..the most unforgettable experience in this class will be the group presentation that we just passed through on Tuesday,this is the most special presentation i ever present.. We got to know more about communications student"s task and for sure, get to know more about marketing terms in Electronic advertising class. In my opinion, so far what i understand about advertisement or so call advertising is one article which help to send information or  bring awareness towards something to customers or consumers. Targeting and segmentation is important in advertising because they need to make sure they target the right groups of people. A good advertisement will help particular company to grow profit and at the same time, rise up the awareness of customers  towards a particular products. Marketing terms are important in advertising because all research or marketing plan will be cover by Marketing students such as IMC plan while communications students taught us many lesson regarding to media. I am glad to choose this subject as my elective paper in order to enhance my knowledge especially in media line.

Chan Choi Ei

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