29 April 2011

My Electronic Advertising class in this sem....

Well, i like this subject very much..when i come to the end of this class, only i realize the relation between marketing and communications..the most unforgettable experience in this class will be the group presentation that we just passed through on Tuesday,this is the most special presentation i ever present.. We got to know more about communications student"s task and for sure, get to know more about marketing terms in Electronic advertising class. In my opinion, so far what i understand about advertisement or so call advertising is one article which help to send information or  bring awareness towards something to customers or consumers. Targeting and segmentation is important in advertising because they need to make sure they target the right groups of people. A good advertisement will help particular company to grow profit and at the same time, rise up the awareness of customers  towards a particular products. Marketing terms are important in advertising because all research or marketing plan will be cover by Marketing students such as IMC plan while communications students taught us many lesson regarding to media. I am glad to choose this subject as my elective paper in order to enhance my knowledge especially in media line.

Chan Choi Ei

27 April 2011

What Have WE Learn In Electronic Advertising AlongThis Semester

By: Lee Yuh Wen (197078) 

Electronic advertising is my marketing course elective program.
I choose this program because i heard from my friend it is a very interesting paper..
And after i take it, i feel that what my friend say is true. this paper give me a very good lesson and experience like the things that need in a advertisement and different type of advertisement and more special is  the task Puan Nurin give like blog and the group project..
This is my first time  i touch and create a blog and design the background, i feel it is very fun and it give me a chance to increase my creativity..
Besides that, i can also design the blog with my own taste..
And another great experience is about the group project that is about one advertising agency..
When i first heard this task, i feel very excited to begin this task.it is because i feel this task like the tv show i love to watch that is The Apprentice..
The task just like this tv show where leader and the team member must have a good communication ,have a common objective and the same goal , if not there will be a gap between them ,different concept and that will be a failure to do a  task ...by doing this task i learn a lot of things..
So, i glad to be a team member in my group project...for me, it is a great experience to be in this class...

6 April 2011

The creative process

1.  at above, the advertisement  put the main product to attract the people.

2.  put the blank to let the people increase the interest and got a little time to see the product.

3 & 4.   if success attract the people, they will looking forward what is the product, so, at  this place the advertisement will explain what benefit and some information about it like "now available in stores" and its email.

5.  time to people take action to search where can get the product.

10 March 2011

The Important Thing in My Life^^

by : chan choi ei

i believe that every people also have their most important thing in life...without exception, me too...well, the most important thing in my life is watch..watch is an important accessories for me because it review time..Time is precious to lose, thus, no matter where i go, i will wear my watch.. i am a very punctual people...punctuality is my philosophy in life. That is a good personality so that people will have good impression on you. I love my watch because that is my 21st birthday present given by my mum...i will always take care of it.

The Thing I Use Every Day
by : lee yuh wen

this is mechanical pencil that i used it for many year until now..it got a lot of memory...i remenber it is an encouragement from my primary school headmasters when first time i got first place for the result of final year among the class in school,i so happy with that..after that day, i used it;sometimes i use it to write my diary;sometimes when i free,i used it to draw;besides that i used it at my all exam until now..last year,after back from discussion and class,i think i lost it and cant find it already....but later my friend tell that the second day they found it at the corridor and they remenber it is mine one so they keep it first and the next day give me back..and i got it back again.. i will use it until it cant function anymore..